My Prediction For You:

You are about to go through a major change in your life.

I know… a fortune cookie could do better than that…

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It doesn’t take a psychic to predict change because major shifts in life are always happening or are about to happen. Some are planned, some surprise us, and some frighten us. Sometimes we grieve over past changes even while we face new ones. 

I have spent my life helping people heal and make the best decisions possible.

Since the changes are coming anyway, we might as well take control and exert our influence on how events occur: bind our wounds, look ahead, take stock, brace ourselves, make our choices, and move forward.

I’m David Mercer and I’m a Life Coach. I listen, encourage, and help others form strategies for living.

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Please note: I do not practice psychotherapy. Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of but it requires the help of a therapist.  

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Since our last discussion….I’ve gotten a good job, bought a car, and bettered my life in so many ways. Thank you.

DM–Good job, Levi. You rock, man! 

Levi M Bullen

David is a amazing, caring and gentle soul. He has a way of always understanding what you aren’t saying, and knows exactly what to say to prompt you to finding exactly what your heart, and head are actually asking. For years he has been my go to for every tough decision, every moral conundrum, and sometimes even parenting advice. David has guided me through the death of both of my grandparents, and my mother and father in-law. He is not only an amazing counselor he is also a lifelong friend.

Dena Sanford