Admitting What We Want

I’ve had this conversation many times with people.blog what do you want

I ask, “What do you want?”

They say, “I don’t know,” 

I say, “Yes, you do.”

We are afraid to answer because it might open the door to drastic changes and it would cause stress and pain not only for ourselves but for people we care for.  No wonder we’d rather not think about it.

Wouldn’t it be better to put aside our unhappiness and just let things stay the same?

Maybe.  However, our unhappiness tends to come out anyway, sometimes prompting destructive behaviors, or even illness.  We almost unconsciously create a crisis which forces the change we were scared to face.

It might be better to face ourselves and prepare to make the hard choices with clear thinking, considering factors like timing, communication, finances, and how others are affected.  With forethought we can make the changes productive, and perhaps even mitigate some of the pain that occurs. 

If a change is about to happen for you, I wish you success and happiness.  I have faith in you. 





Photos by Sylvia Kirkendoll Mercer

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