About Me

David Mercer, BS, Mdiv:

Perhaps all of my experiences, skills, and education have brought me to this moment, to be your life coach.

Sylvia Kirkendoll Mercer and David Mercer. Photo by Sylvia Kirkendoll Mercer

I was a church pastor for thirty-five years. My work included counseling, public speaking, teaching, and storytelling. I was also a hospice chaplain, an adjunct college professor, a volunteer ambulance driver, and a job coach for MHMR clients. I’ve stepped out of the religious setting but I continue to help people through my work as a Life Coach.

I grew up in Midland, Texas. I also lived many years in Oklahoma before moving to Orlando two years ago.  I have two grown sons who are extraordinary. I’m a writer, a musician, and a storyteller. I’ve ridden a motorcycle for many years. I am married to Sylvia who is an artist, musician, photographer, and a pilot of single engine airplanes.  



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