Since our last discussion….I’ve gotten a good job, bought a car, and bettered my life in so many ways. Thank you.

DM–Good job, Levi. You rock, man! 

Levi M Bullen

David is a amazing, caring and gentle soul. He has a way of always understanding what you aren’t saying, and knows exactly what to say to prompt you to finding exactly what your heart, and head are actually asking. For years he has been my go to for every tough decision, every moral conundrum, and sometimes even parenting advice. David has guided me through the death of both of my grandparents, and my mother and father in-law. He is not only an amazing counselor he is also a lifelong friend.

Dena Sanford

David has a keen gift of being able to listen to others, accepting them as they are, while aiding them in accomplishing their goals and objectives.  He is skilled at equipping and enabling others in ways that enhance their own gifts and talents, while at the same time nudging them to continue in their own growth and development.

Rev. David Gordon

David has been very instrumental in my life as I am in the process of a radical career and life change.  He has offered encouragement and insights that have truly helped me through a lot of the bumps and bends that I am experiencing on this difficult road.  David freely shares his own heart and hurts and shows how there is always hope.  Through his blog writing, I have been able to process a lot of things in my own life.  It’s an honor to call him my friend.

John Turner

Looks great, David. You are going to be busier than you want. I certainly recommend you to anyone.

Karen Mosbacher Clewell